The Twitters


  • Do you really care how much you can bench press?
  • You have to carry what to where?!
  • Your kid is how heavy?

Strengthiness doesn’t care if you look strong. Heck, it doesn’t even care if you want to be strong! Strengthiness wants you to feel strong and know it, deep down inside.

Let’s face it… You’re probably not going to the Olympics. No one is going to hire you as a model in a fitness magazine. You will never have the best bench press at the gym.

But most of us don’t need that. What we need is to be able to put that damned suitcase in the overhead compartment. What we need is the ability to carry the kids back to the car when they get too tired. What we need is to wake up in the morning and know that getting out of bed won’t hurt! We don’t need the strength of a superhuman, we need the strengthiness to make it through our everyday lives.

That’s what strengthiness is. It’s not caring about how strong you are, how many people you can put to shame at the gym, or how good you look naked (though a little strengthiness can help with that). Strengthiness is not being afraid of whatever life may throw at you. You can handle it. Your strengthiness will carry the day.