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Strengthiness Interval Timer

Completely rewritten exclusively for iOS 7! More functionality at the same low price!

Strengthiness Interval Timer Pro is the easiest to use interval timer on the App Store.

• Super easy setup • Multiple named sets • As many intervals as you want • Count rounds down to 0 or up until you decide to stop • Countdown timer gives you up to 10 seconds to prepare • Beeps and vibrates (on devices that support vibration) • Stopwatch accurate to hundredths of a second • Handy set counter for when you’re not doing timed efforts

You don’t need fancy graphics. What you need is a simple timer that just works. Strengthiness Interval Timer Pro is that timer; a simple app that does what it needs to and is easy to use.

Strengthiness Interval Timer Pro is perfect for all sorts of timed High Intensity Interval Training, whether it’s the Tabata protocol, a CrossFit WOD, Sprint 8, Viking Warrior Conditioning, or any other type of interval training you may be doing. It comes with four built in examples and you can add as many different set lists as you want.

A countdown timer gives you time to setup if you’re working out alone. Loud beeps make it easy to use in a group setting, and different beep patterns differentiate the countdown, interval completion, and when the timer is finished.

There’s no fiddling with awkward time pickers or complicated setup screens, just type in the times you want. Ever forget that 180 seconds is 3 minutes? Stop converting in your head. Just enter the number of seconds you need and Strengthiness Interval Timer Pro will do the math for you.

Forgot your GymBoss® Timer? Strengthiness Interval Timer Pro is the perfect stand in.

Strengthiness Interval Timer Pro includes a stopwatch function with an unlimited lap counter. Perfect for coaches or training partners working together.

Doing sets that aren’t timed? It can be easy to forget how many sets you’ve done while you’re recovering, especially if you’re counting breaths for breathing sets. Don’t worry, the Set Counter has you covered. Just a single tap and Strengthiness Interval Timer Pro will remember for you.

Download it today and enjoy the simplicity and utility that is Strengthiness Interval Timer Pro! Get it here.