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Where does Strengthiness come from?

Most of us live our lives in a screen based world. Many of us have forgotten how to stand up straight. We live our lives remaining bowed to the machines which enslave us during the work day. Even on our couches, we slouch over and keep the rounded back like a reclining supplication to the gods of television. Heck, forget standing up straight, just standing up from a chair or couch can be a problem, and don’t even think about getting up off the floor!

Then there is the isolation fetish that is rampant in the modern fitness world. Do this one isolation drill, then do that one. Extend your leg on that machine, then bend your leg on that other machine over there. Seriously, how often in real life do you do an isolated triceps extension? Isolation certainly has its uses, but if you’re not trying to peak your bicep for a bodybuilding competition, chances are there are better ways to spend your time than kneeling at a preacher bench.

It all starts with proper movement

The foundation of strengthiness is relearning your body. How it feels. How it moves. How it’s supposed to move. Learning how it works as a whole and getting the whole thing to move properly, not just in bits and pieces. Your body is more than just the sum of its parts!

At the beginning we will teach you how to do this. We will help you relearn proper movement and proprioception—or how your brain feels your body in space. Once your body has been reminded of how to move properly, we can start adding load. Once your body is up to moving properly with a little weight added, your can start having some fun with intensity, volume, different weights, and more complicated movements. Before you know it, you’ll have strengthiness you never imagined

From there, the sky is the limit!

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